Buildings in the National Register of Historic Places

Cosden Building

409 South Boston Avenue  (map it)

Built: 1918

Cosden Building

The Cosden Building was constructed on the site of the first Tulsa schoolhouse, which was a mission school established in 1885 on Creek Indian Nation land.

The fifteen-story building was Tulsa’s first skyscraper. It was also one of the earliest reinforced concrete buildings in the United States.

The basic design was Sullivanesque, but a Venetian Gothic terra cotta skin was applied to the building. The building was a gesture toward progressive design in a young city, and an interpretation of the "commercial cathedrals" of the age. The Cosden Building is the cornerstone of Boston Avenue’s older financial and corporate office buildings. This million-dollar building symbolized the flamboyance of Tulsa’s oil barons during a period of enormous growth and prosperity.

The Cosden Building was listed in the National Register on February 1, 1979. It was listed under National Register Criteria B and C, and its NRIS number is 79002029.

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