Art Deco Buildings in Tulsa

Hawk Dairies

2415 East 11th Street  (map it)

Built: 1948

Hawk Dairies

The Hawk Dairies is an excellent example of post-World War II Modernist architecture as applied to a dairy processing plant. Constructed in 1947-1948 by Tulsa contractor Jack Owen Stegall, the building was designed by Kansas City, Missouri, architect Gerad W. Wolf. The construction of the building dramatically boosted the production capabilities of Hawk Dairies, allowing it to expand its product lines, trade territory and the number of farmers from whom it purchased milk. In addition to processing milk using the latest production means, the company incorporated a retail outlet for their product in the new building.

There were a total of nine dairy plants in operation in Tulsa in the late 1940s. Hawk Dairies was purchasing milk from as many as 600 area dairy farmers in 1947. The completion of the new building was expected to double that and possibly reach as high as 1,500 farmers. A substantial number of Oklahoma farmers directly benefited from the Tulsa plant. In terms of cash, Hawk Dairies was expending about $100,000 each month for milk prior to completion of the 1948 building. This was anticipated to rise to a quarter of a million dollars per month after the new building was brought on-line. The company covered an eleven state trade territory — Hawk Dairies’ milk products were shipped in quantity to Dallas, Galveston and Houston, Texas.

Hawk Dairies was determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criteria C by the Keeper of the Register on August 26, 2008. Its NRIS number is 08000854.

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